dr. Maxwell Trzcinski, Ph.D.

Headshot of Dr. Maxwell Trzcinski smiling

Maxwell Trzcinski Ph.D., completed his doctorate in Clinical Psychology, from California School of Professional Psychology, and is working as a psychologist in Dr. Wutzke's practice.

Maxwell has clinical experience providing individual, couples, and group psychotherapy to people experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, interpersonal conflict, grief, as well as health-related and substance use challenges. He has worked in a variety of treatment settings including high school and university counseling centers, along with outpatient programs and private practice. His approach to psychotherapy draws on numerous evidence-based treatments including: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Mindfulness-based Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Self-Compassion.

Maxwell’s primary objective is to collaboratively and compassionately assist people in living more meaningful, vital, satisfying and flexible lives.

Getting to know more about Dr. Trzcinski, in his own words:

Outside of my professional role as a psychologist, I make ongoing efforts to move toward my values, including: health, family, learning, recreation, and community. In an effort to develop my health, I enjoy endurance running, walking, kettlebells, and cooking. Raising two curious and strong daughters with my wife aligns me with the value of family. I find learning about electric vehicles, systems thinking, and jazz vitalizing. For fun, I play golf and spin vinyl records on turntables. Regarding community, longstanding and meaningful friendships to share life with are important to me. 

For an appointment with Dr. Trzcinski, please email Dr. Wutzke at drtracywutzke@gmail.com

*Dr. Trzcinski is an independent contractor for Dr. Tracy Wutzke. Independent contractors are responsible for the legal and ethical psychotherapy treatment of their own clients while working independently from the other providers in the office.